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Vitronectin XF™ Evaluation Kit

Hepatocytes differentiated on Vitronectin XF™
Vitronectin XF™ Evaluation Kit
Prod. No.

Primorigen's Vitronectin XF™ is a cell adhesion substrate intended for expansion and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells. Vitronectin XF™ is a recombinant fusion protein containing the full length human vitronectin coding sequence, expressed in human cells under xeno-free conditions. This product is also available as purified protein only (S2153).

Kit Contents

  • 500 µg Vitronectin XF™
  • 100 ml Dilution Buffer
  • Ca++/Mg++ Concentrate (500X)
  • 100 ml Cell Release Buffer
  • 8 ea 6-well Polystyrene Suspension Plates

  • 44 cents per well- Cost effective, beats BD Matrigel™
  • Defined and xeno-free- Single human protein
  • Room temperature handling- No more ice bucket

See our overview of Stem Cell Adhesion and Cell Culture Substrates for more background!

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